Teleplay: Breaking Bad (Pilot Episode)

I don’t usually post TV scripts, but I think there is a pretty high demand for this one. It’s the pilot episode of Breaking Bad written by Vince Gilligan.

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  1. I love this show and thanks for posting this. I haven’t read very many teleplay scripts (well, zero). My question is that the writer “tells” a lot about what the characters are feeling. Is this normal for teleplays?

    “He’s swallowed a lot of anger today. It’s way down deep, but it glows inside him.”

    I know Vince is the show creator and can do whatever, but I’m just curious if this is considered bad practice or okay for this medium.

    • It is a slippery slope, and as a novice writer it’s always better to show than to tell. But I think the key here is that the writer is creating a clear emotional picture. “He’s swallowed a lot of anger today” shows me exactly what the character’s temperament is without blandly reporting, “He looks angry.” It’s excellent writing, and that will always gain you points (as long as it’s done within the bounds of proper screenplay form.)

  2. Good points. Thanks Angela.

  3. Sincerest shout out for posting this phenomenal script, thank you Angela. What an invaluable educational tool for us scribes and show-obsessed fans.

  4. The show speaks for itself. The addition of those kind of details, normally dont show up on a script. But in this case it just makes it so much better. Sit down with the script and the first episode of the show. It translates beautifully.


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